Why upcycle?

You are already interested in recycling and handling your waste responsibly, right?

There is no doubt that recycling reduces your ecological footprint – if you throw your plastic bottle in the right container, it can be used to make new similar products and even fashion items such as polyester jackets. However, breaking down waste materials often results in products of lesser quality.

Upcycling lets you take responsible waste management one step further!

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of re-purposing and reusing old items, rather than throwing them away. You would be surprised how creative, fresh and unique upcycled furniture (or any household item) can look once you give it a second life!

Why upcycle?

You can get an entirely new chair, sofa or a table without having to first research ways to hand them to the municipality, which is why a lot of large-scale waste ends up in the landfill.

Instead, you can let your creativity flow and transform your old item. You will get something entirely different and even more fitting to your personality and style!

And besides, you’ll join a popular contemporary movement of upcycling artists and enthusiasts!

Be innovative!

Upcycling lets you get creative with what you already have. By upcycling, you get a new piece of furniture without actually buying an entirely new one, which has used up quite a few resources.

You are renovating your home? Take a few extra minutes to paint your chair in vibrant colors! Or why not reupholster it to fit better in your living room? Be inspired and give it a second purpose to brighten up your living space!

Or why not just make a vase out of an interesting-looking bottle?

You can be environmentally responsible and show off your unique style just by upcycling.

Stay tuned for DIY tips on our blog, submit a request through our platform for us to upcycle your old furniture or shop for #reused goodies in the shop (coming soon)!


Happy upcycling,