Who we are

The early idea

It was towards the end of 2017. We had just walked past one of those plastic recycling containers in Sofia (where we unfortunately also saw glass bottles). And there it was, right next to it, (almost) an entire abandoned furniture exhibition. Just waiting to be picked up.

We felt a twinge of guilt: despite the fact that a lot of us do recycle general waste, furniture remains difficult to get rid of.

The new sofa is ordered and the old one must go. Maybe someone will take it home from the street? (Not that likely.)

After having long discussions with friends, university professors and other enthusiasts, we decided to come up with a resolution to the problem.

How did we begin?

Before we knew it, we joined Climate Launchpad – the largest global competition for “green” ideas. The programme is supported by Zagorka and Ikea here in Bulgaria. (Huge names, undoubtedly!) We got invaluable advice, coaching and support from our time in the Launchpad.

Photo: Cleantech Bulgaria @ facebook

Nowadays, we’re members of the prestigious European pre-accelerator programme Greenhouse. We met inspiring entrepreneurs, motivated professionals and we also received gracious support for our operational expenses as a startup. What’s more, we’ve had access to immensely valuable know-how.

As a consequence, we strive to improve upon our ideas constantly.

Our final startup idea…

We were beyond excited to go to Finland for some “green” startup training! In addition to falling in love with the local culture, we worked for innovative companies such as RePack and MaaS.

In the end, our startup idea formed fully – we also included the “upcycle” element.

Upcycling is the process of giving ‘new life’ to old items such as furniture. It transforms objects and offers them a new purpose. We saw so much value in this wonderfully creative way to reduce waste! And our team joined lots of other upcycling enthusiasts who are a part of this contemporary movement.

Where are we now?

More inspired than ever, we started to market ourselves (both online and offline) towards the end of 2018. As a result, we built an ever-growing network of business contacts, followers of the upcycling idea and we have also expanded our team. Last but not least – we are always looking for ways to popularize our waste management initiative at startup competitions.

And so – nearing the end of 2018, we are close to completing our safe, easy-to-use and original platform. It connects people with passion to create and those wishing to not only be environmentally responsible, but to also stand out from the crowd.

Awards from the #Betapitch competition at betahaus.

We were among the first Energy Scouts in Bulgaria for 2018! Awarded to us by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

And we would like to inspire you there, as well.

Share your upcycling journey and learn with us. Help us learn from you, too!

Join us in a world full of #reused treasures and reduce your environmental footprint! 🙂

Find out more about upcycling and read more about our team.