What has our upcycling team been up to recently? You’ll be impressed!

What has our upcycling team been up to recently? You’ll be impressed!

Welcome to our first blog post!

We thought you’d be interested in knowing what we’re up to! 🙂 Also, what has our innovative upcycling team achieved recently?

Find out below!


The first days of November have actually been quite productive for us. And the first week of the month has barely passed!

Most notably, we took part in the BETAPITCH global startup competition! The event offers an amazing chance to popularize your starting business in front of a prominent jury, professionals and media.


We were among the 10 selected startups to compete locally in Sofia before the global final. We loved coming back to betahaus Sofia, which is the first coworking space in Bulgaria.

Betahaus is a highly successful coworking network in Europe. It offers meeting space, delicious coffee to aid brainstorming and awesome chances to chat with like-minded innovators! You can only imagine how excited we were to share our ideas for waste management and upcycling innovation with everyone.

The prizes

Betapitch promised its winners the chance to pitch at the grand global final in Berlin. Some lucky pitchers would also grab free workspace at betahaus Sofia and free logo creation by INTO.

What’s more, on the table was consultancy with jury members, along with free hosting and domain from superhosting.bg. Last but not least – monthly mentoring with top managers from DHL Express and special access to the TECHSTARS Berlin Program.

Sounds appealing, right?

The jury

We were even more impressed by the esteemed jury members this year. We had Rumyana Trencheva (Head of Global Partner Organization at SAP for Central and Eastern Europe), Jag Singh (Managing Director of Techstars Berlin), Niko Vijayaratnam (Head of Product for FT Core) and Rossi Mitova (co-founder and CEO of Farmhopping – a betapitch Global finalist).

They sure sounded like a strict audience!

Our pitch

In just a few minutes, we successfully captured the audience’s attention. They were surprised to hear that the furniture industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in Bulgaria for 2017. We provoked consideration of our cause ‘make use of your waste’ by reminding everyone that a large part of this immense production could soon end up next to the recycling bin.

We presented our vision for increasing the niche production of unique and upcycled furniture. After all, it is the environmentally friendly answer to the growing demand.

  • For our end customers

Moreover, we elaborated on our intentions to provide a fast, easy and secure platform for all upcycling enthusiasts. Those wishing to be creative and to stand out from the crowd get incentives to handle us their large-scale domestic waste. And all other interested visitors might appreciate a beautiful upcycled accessory in our shop!

  • For our business clients

For our business customers, we strive to provide access to varied quality materials and an integrated sales and marketing channel to increase visibility of their uniquely crafted products.  We also aspire to be a great platform for upcycling businesses to expand their customer reach.

So… did we win?

We certainly impressed the audience and the jury, who complimented us on an informative, engaging and concise presentation. We are not heading to Berlin for the final, unfortunately, but we became a close runner-up with the impressive 3 prizes!

What exactly did we win?

We are very proud with what we won – consultancy with SAP’s Rumyana Trencheva, free workspace at betahaus Sofia and free hosting and domain from superhosting.bg! Not to mention our networking experience and invaluable advice by loads of professionals, all friendly and excited for our imitative!

(photo – betahaus.bg)

What’s next for us?

Coming right up this month is another Sales and Marketing training we are taking part in with Maria Padalski (Employer Branding Strategist and Marketing & Communications Expert). The event will be held in Cleantech Bulgaria’s office, thanks to the Climate-KIC Greenhouse pre-accelerator program.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to this and all further improvement opportunities. Thank you, enthusiasts, for supporting us! 🙂

Happy upcycling,

Stay tuned for more awesome upcycling news! Find out more about our history in the ‘Who We Are’ section.

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