нов живот за старите мебели

Над 1 милион тона мебели се изхвърлят всяка година. Можем да променим това заедно!

About us

Have you ever been in a situation not knowing how to handle your large-scale domestic waste like old furniture?

If the answer is yes, then reUse is the right service for you. reUse is a simple and easy-to-use web and mobile platform where you can submit a request and let us take care of your waste. It’s that easy!

There’s more: You are also contributing to local upcycling artists!

Get discounts on your own upcycled items, systematically reduce your ecological footprint and browse all kinds of #reused treasures in our online shop!

Be the change! Make use of your waste.


Who we are?

The idea for reUse appeared naturally when we saw a pile of furniture next to the recycle bins, offering salvation only for smaller items. We thought, “could large-scale waste be treated more responsibly?”

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Why Upcycle?

Upcycling transforms waste, such as furniture or household items, into new materials or products. Thus, giving waste a new life and another, creative purpose! Did you know how surprisingly awesome upcycling can be?

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Our Work

Our mission is to make use of your waste! We give second life to old furniture and prevent it from going to the landfill. Visit our store to see what our creative artists have to offer you – you will be surprised!

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Latest News

Stay informed and take a peek at our blog, where we share the latest news, tips and informative articles about upcycling!

5 смели ъпсайклинг идеи за лятно вдъхновение

В разгара на сезона за подобрения у дома събрахме за теб 5 уникални ъпсайклинг идеи с мисията да те вдъхновим отвъд всички очаквания… Защото с доза оригиналност и чрез преизползване[…]

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renovator-team-atelier-trion reuse rabotilnica

9 реноваторски истории, които ще те развълнуват!

Нашите реноватори оставиха своята страст, фантазия и муза в претворяването на мебелите от кампанията ни с ИКЕА „Нов живот за старите мебели“ в края на април. Техен ментор беше Илиана[…]

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15 най-интригуващи ъпсайклинг попадения за 2018!

Добре дошъл отново в нашия блог, ентусиасте! 🙂 Започнахме активно да градим нашата платформа през есента на 2018 и докато се усетим, дойде и краят на годината. Имахме достатъчно време[…]

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Our Awesome Team

All of us share the belief that everyone can be environmentally responsible. But that is not all, we do make it easier than ever!

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