Това сме ние

Запознай се с нашия нарастващ екип от upcycling ентусиасти!

Ana Valkova

Co-founder & COO

Civil Engineer, ongoing MBA. Professional experience in Business Analysis and Product Management in IT.

Ralitsa Kusheva

Co-founder & CEO

Civil Engineer, Project Manager and on-going PhD in Construction Waste Management.

Dayana Horozova

Digital Marketing Expert

Business Intelligence Consultant, M.Sc. in Corporate Communication (University of Amsterdam). Ongoing professional qualifications in Digital Marketing.

Gloria Nedeva

Software Engineer

Software Engineer experienced in web and mobile software projects based on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Ivan Dzhambov

UX/UI Designer

Experienced in creating mockups, wireframes and designing graphic user interface with big portfolio of design projects.